"Wedding of my friend!"

My first post is dedicated to creating the wedding's style of my friend Katie. Wedding was in August. Her Style reminds me of the style of Kate Middleton. It was cute, fun, warm and Sunny day!

I was very happy to be a stylist for her important day:-)






For " n Style" magazine

Photographer Мигель

HareStyle Yulia Zelenina

Make-up Olga Stupina





Berlin! Berlin! Berlin! 

I moved in the best city in the World and I am very happy and proud to find here very telanted and nice people and friends!


I want to show wedding photoshoot in "Boho" style. Every time I watch and enjoy

photographer Xenia Udalova http://fotografingermany.com/  https://vk.com/fotografvberline

decorator Xenia  Semenec   https://vk.com/xenia.semenec

make-up and hair Yulia Zelenina https://vk.com/id21479494

Just merried! Yuliana and James 






Very happy couple Poline and Michael. Poline invited me to their registration which was in the beautiful garden of Berlin, they touched  my heart how they looked at each other during the ceremony.



Very nise bride Tatiana




Bride Anna. wedding's rehersal 


Yesturday I met with very beautiful, kind and nice woman Marina. We tried to do rehersal of her hairstyle and make - up for wedding on 19 of September. 



Марина в день свадьбы своего пасынка 



Невеста Алиса 

Свадьба в Лейпциге

Фотограф Ксения Удалова  https://vk.com/fotografvberline

Макияж и причёска невесты Зеленина Юлия https://vk.com/id21479494

Букет невесты и бутоньерка Ксения Казимирова https://vk.com/kazimirova_malevich





Свадьба Ксюши и Андрея

Фотограф  Ксения Удалова https://vk.com/fotografvberline

Мейк-ап и прическа невесты: Юлия Зеленина https://vk.com/id21479494

Букет невесты и бутоньерка: https://vk.com/decorationbyanastasiarozhnova




Небольшой тизер со свадьбы Даниэля и Татьяны:https://vimeo.com/139088046
фотограф Ксения Удалова https://vk.com/fotografvberline
видеооператор Сергей Сутыгин https://vk.com/sutygins
макияж и прическа Зеленина Юлия

Невероятно красивое видео https://vimeo.com/139088046




After Wedding Shooting 
Honeymoon in Berlin
сентябрь 2015
фотограф Ксения Удалова https://vk.com/fotografvberline 
макияж и прическа Юлия Зеленина